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PLEASE keep sending those E-Mails!  We have a projected date for this sale sometime toward the end of December, and we want to open this event with THREE THOUSAND BUYERS REGISTERED!   We are almost at our goal.  THANK YOU!  Our company has been blessed with an amazing liquidation opportunity!   One of the largest philanthropic organizations in Florida has contracted with us to liquidate a huge MULTI-family estate with multiple collections and genres accumulated over a period of more than seventy years!

Some of the upcoming items include Native American pottery, masks, textiles, knives and spears, thousands of antique ivory netsukes, & carved pre-ban tusks and teeth.  The lot holds more than (30) genuine artifacts from the Atocia, and five artifacts from the Titanic.  There are also more than 100 gold & silver pocket watches of all types and sizes, as well as U.S. coins in every genre and type, including several complete sets of Carson City and regular Morgan & Peace Silver dollars, (HUNDREDS OF THEM), as well as  (500 ) 1996 American Silver Eagles in UNC. condition.  The lot also holds hundreds of pieces of Victorian estate jewelry, KPM Royal German Porcelain, Waterford crystal, Lladro, Swarovski, Blue-Bleed dinnerware, Royal Tatau, Asian Tansu & Dansu chests, militaria, Lenox, and (23) Frederick Remington Bronzes!  There is way too much to list, and the pictures are coming soon.  We will be placing items available for sale at multiple venues at the same time.  Please send your e-mail address to my personal address to receive future notifications and to receive the master list of items and the dates and locations that each will be displayed and sold.   Please reply to:    

Now to the best part.  This amazing family has decided to DONATE their entire sale proceeds from this event to assist with conservation easements and protected land acquisitions throughout Florida!  We want to do our part, so Villages Estate Liquidations will donate 50% our our portion of the sales proceeds to help with the program outcome.  This is a win-win for everybody!  Send me your e-mail and be ready when the fun begins.   It is our joint goal to raise more than $350,000.00 to assist with conservation land acquisition and maintenance throughout our beautiful state.  THANKS IN ADVANCE for your help!
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WE Want to help:

P.A.W.S. - People's Alliance for Wildlife Survival, Inc.
Raise funds for, and execute, another great Ocala National Forest Clean-Up event in 2019.

One of the businesses owned by Dr. Bowen,
is committed to making the upcoming event a success.  They need your help.

The Ocala National Forest is an AMAZING ASSET to the tri-county area, and we want to help rid it of debris and hazardous materials.  Villages Estate Liquidations will be donating 100% of the sale proceeds from THREE UPCOMING WEEKEND SALE EVENTS to help raise the minimum $45,000 required to facilitate the event.

We are calling on other local businesses to help with this endeavor.  If you can help, please contact Dr. Sheryl Hall @

P.A.W.S. - People's Alliance for Wildlife Survival, Inc., is a an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, registration number: CH22628.  You may also request information about the organization, including financial information and a mission statement, OR MAKE A DIRECT DONATION
by contacting the organization directly at:


That's our furry little mascot, V.E.L.I. to the right.  She's our favorite little THREE POUND tax write-off.  Her name is the acronym for 
"Villages Estate Liquidations, Inc."
We get to deduct her special food, her custom medications, all of her prissy little doggy attire and all of her very expensive and constant grooming since she's our company mascot!  What a CUTIE!

THANK YOU to the 3,162 folks who signed up for this event that raised tens of thousands of dollars for Florida land conservation.  This was the best attended and highest grossing event in Florida and hosted over 3000 buyers!  Also, we want to thank the whopping 63 volunteers who assisted with this event, with special recognition to Dr. Sheryl Hall, Director of P.A.W.S.,
People's Alliance for Wildlife Survival, Inc.!
  My Name is  V.E.L.I.

Have an item you believe may be very valuable?  Have items handed down - heard all the stories - want to see if they're true?  We can help.  We have a Certified Personal Property Appraiser on staff with decades of multi-genre valuation experience as an appraiser, and state-licensed insurance agent and adjuster.  We love to assist with valuations of interesting items - OFTEN AT NO CHARGE - JUST ASK!
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We have an amazing THIRTY-THREE ESTATES coming in to our REMOTE SALE VENUE by the end of March