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Will your sale include fine Lead Crystal, Vaseline or Carnival Glass, Gipsoformei Museum Replicas, KPM-Royal German Porcelain, Hull or McCoy Pottery, Bavaria-Ware, Fenton, Lenox, Hummel, Goebel, Haviland, Cartier,  Old & New Banner Blue Danube, Blue-Bleed, Tiffany or Handel lamps, Baroque, Fine China, Quimper Pottery, Wedgewood, Fostoria, Carolina Sweet-Grass Baskets, Native American or Asian artifacts, vintage aircraft, Gold or Silver vintage estate jewelry, Sterling flatware, Rolex and other vintage mechanical watches, Rolei, Mamiya or other vintage cameras, first-edition books, vintage key-wind mantle/mantel clocks, pre-1800 wood-movement clocks, Atmos clocks, antique firearms, Advertising Items, antique vending & gaming machines, specialty tools and/or equipment, tractors or heavy equipment, boats, classic cars, gold or silver coins, numismatics, vintage weaponry, fine serigraphs, lithographs, prints, Bronzes, etchings, oil-on-canvas paintings, primitives, antiquities or similar high-value items?

We have been liquidating since 1977, and we have a certified personal property appraiser on staff to properly assess and evaluate your items to ensure you the best possible chance at receiving a fair price for those items. That’s right – while some companies occasionally bring in an expert , or claim to have one on-staff, our expert is ON-STAFF  and part owner of our company.  He takes part in item valuation for each and every sale!

We also have specialized knowledge, (a Ph.D. Engineer), of heavy equipment, industrial tools and mechanical devices, including equipment used in the production of electronics, polymers, conveyance devices, photo-optics and typical manufacturing of all types. We understand how to assign a proper value to your quality hand and power tools and we are highly experienced with automotive tools, woodworking tools, tradesman and journeymen tools, Snap-On, MAC, PROTO, Craftsman, Cornwell, SK, Klein and more.

Closing a business? We have outlets to liquidate your inventory, equipment, fixtures, and even your accounts receivable. We even have a commercial realtor on staff to assist with the sale of your commercial property. More than FORTY TWO YEARS EXPERIENCE is the difference!

Every client deserves the best chance at the highest possible return. When you make money, we make money, and we’ve been doing it for more than forty-two years. We will dedicate the time, effort and resources to ensure your sale is handled in a way that best serves you, the client. Trust your sale, BIG or SMALL, to the experts. You deserve the best!

Our certified appraiser, one of only four in the tri-county area, recently purchased this authentic Frederic Remington "Bronco Buster" from one of our competitors, a tri-county area estate sale provider, who claims to have "dozens" of appraisers to assist with client item valuation.  It was tagged and priced as a "common reproduction,  likely from Amazon or Walmart".  It's really nice when a sale company tries to let their buyers know what they're getting, but it's tragic if you are their client, and they don't know what they are selling on your behalf.  Unfortunately for their client, it was actually a Remington family authorized first-run from original molds, cast decades ago, and it's value is more than $21,000.00.  We purchased it for $250.00 on their 1/2 Off day.

The same company recently had a similar item for sale that they also noted "might be an authentic re-cast, number 101 of 230, Limited Edition", for which they were asking $2,000.00.  The piece was on a marble base and the name plate clearly said, FREDERIC(K) Remington.  A "K" on the end of the name is a dead giveaway that the piece is not authentic, and that was but ONE of the indicators if you know what to look for.  The piece was worth around $200.00

We found this TULLY FILMUS co-signed original etching with artist enhancements at the sale of one of our competitors who claimed to have an "qualified appraiser" ON STAFF.  It was priced at $75.00 and said "charcoal drawing by Unknown Artist"  Unfortunately for their client, we bought it on day one of their sale for a negotiated $50.00, then sold it at our next sale on day-1, with proper advertising for $1,750.00
A young couple who recently decided to jump into the ESTATE SALE BUSINESS, after running other successful small businesses tagged this picture, and four others like it for sale at one of their first events for $35.00 each.  This one is a framed and matted authentic hand-signed limited edition Litho by famed lithographer Christian Reise Lassen.  The item has a conservative value of $2,300.00.  I showed them my credentials and told them what they had.  Luckily for their clients, the prices were changed and one buyer purchased all five as a group for $9,500.00!  They almost sold for $175.00!
These are just three of HUNDREDS of similar stories that we could tell you based on having performed our fist estate sale in 1977, and having sold thousands of high-value items over the years.  Nobody knows it all, but a qualified and certified appraiser knows how to research and find the value of an item, and will typically have the experience to be able to "comp" any item and research actual recent and last sales.  Your items are too valuable to risk their sale by companies who GUESS at their value, or who claim to have certified appraisers on their staff or available to them to consult.  We have an experienced and certified personal property appraiser on staff with decades of multi-genre experience and one of the most extensive databases and book sets in the nation.  We have more than 4000 printed research texts, and subscriptions to all five of the premier research sites.  Don't trust your items to obviously un-qualified appraisal.  We provide a copy of our appraisers certification to every contracted client.